Van Iperen International, Dutch specialty fertilizer company that focuses on developing innovative and sustainable solutions for growers worldwide, has announced plans to scale up the GreenSwitch® Nitrate factory in The Netherlands, located at the biogas factory Agro Energie Hardenberg. This factory produces the first liquid Potassium Nitrate fertilizer with a close to zero carbon footprint, using an organic Nitrogen source. Beginning 2024, it is expected to complete the expansion.

Facade of the GreenSwitch Nitrate factory in Hardenberg, The Netherlands

Enhancing the effectiveness of the GreenSwitch® Nitrate factory in Hardenberg

Since the opening of the GreenSwitch® Nitrate factory -based on Pure Green Agriculture technology- in 2021, Van Iperen International and its partners have learned a lot about the process. The current plans to scale up will also be used to implement the lessons learned. This will result in an even more energy-efficient process and thereby an even further reduction of the carbon footprint.

Next to increased efficiency, the capacity of the factory will be expanded by installing a second bioreactor from Pure Green Agriculture. With the current step, Van Iperen International is aiming to broaden its range of sustainable Nitrate fertilizers and start producing Nitric Acid, next to the liquid Potassium Nitrate. This expansion is supported by a DEI+ subsidy which is a program of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy supporting Dutch innovations in the field of sustainable energy and energy saving.

Current state of the inside part of the GreenSwitch Nitrate factoryBioreactor and stripping silo in the GreenSwitch Nitrate factory

Experience in the market

For more than a year, an increasing number of growers in different countries around the world have been using GreenSwitch® Original. Their positive responses are yet another motivation for Van Iperen International. They are fully committed to offering growers eco-friendly alternatives, reducing the environmental impact of agriculture, and promoting sustainability in agribusiness.

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