• Foliar
  • Greenhouse fertigation
  • Open field fertigation

Agronomical target

  • Nutrition
  • Organic farming
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Van Iperen GreenSwitch® Original HG is the first liquid Nitrate fertilizer from organic source, allowing growers to reduce their carbon footprint without changing their cropping system. GreenSwitch® Original is a 2 - 0 - 7 formulation pure and transparent for high-tech greenhouse and open field fertigation. It is produced in our factory in the Netherlands using a proven close to zero Carbon footprint production process certified by the SNK (Stichting Nationale Koolstofmarkt) following the Paris agreement (COP 21).
The GreenSwitch process, based on Pure Green Agriculture Technology, is a circular process contributing to restore the Nitrogen cycle by up-cycling the Nitrogen from manure into a crystal clear nitrate fertilizer. GreenSwitch® Original is suitable for conventional and organic farming. Please check your local regulation for organic farming compliance.
Growers using GreenSwitch products play their role towards the planet by reducing their Carbon Footprint, contributing to limit the ammonia emission while preserving earth’s natural resources. By doing so, growers make the switch to sustainable agriculture.

  • The first liquid Nitrate fertilizer from organic source
  • Nitrogen directly available and assimilable by the crop
  • Patented, close to zero carbon footprint production process
  • Developed for open field, pot production and soilless application
  • Circular economy


  • Foliar
  • Greenhouse fertigation
  • Open field fertigation
  • Pure and transparent liquid
  • Easy to handle, dilute and apply


Crop Application date Min L/ha/season Max L/ha/season
Fruit trees
• As of start of fertigation
• Until 4 weeks before harvesting
900 2400
• As of vegetative growth
• Until 2 weeks before harvesting
600 1800
• During entire fertigation program 1200 3000
Citrus (adult)
• During entire fertigation program 900 2400
• As of tuber setting
• Until tuber ripening
600 1200

Foliar Application

Crop Application date Min L / ha / appl Max L / ha / appl Min qt/acre/appl Max qt/acre/appl Conc. % (v/v)
2 - 4 applications:
• As of fruit setting
• 10 - 14 days interval
24 48 10.3 20.5 3 - 6
1 application:
• During fruit filling
36 90 15.4 38.5 9 -15
5 - 9 applications:
• As of transplanting
• Until fruit filling
36 90 15.4 38.5 6 - 12
3 - 4 applications:
• Spring application
• During vegetative growth
• During fruit filling
48 108 20.5 20.5 9 - 15
Stone fruit
2 - 3 applications:
• As of fruit setting
• Until fruit colouring
30 60 12.8 25.7 6 - 9

In case of foliar feeding as part of a mix with crop protection products, a compatibility test has to be done prior to preparing the spray-mix.

The mentioned indicated dosages and application stages are given as a guideline. Exact dosages, concentration and application stage are subject to local conditions, use of other fertilizers and can only be given after an objective diagnosis.

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Compatible with other fertilizers.

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GreenSwitch® is the world-first patented process based on Pure Green Agriculture technology turning manure into organically derived Nitrate fertilizers for the high-tech greenhouse sector and open-field fertigation. GreenSwitch® encourages smart-farming practices, opening a new horizon for more sustainable agriculture and precision crop nutrition.

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