Discover our new circular fertilizer: GreenSwitch® Potassium Sulphate!

"The great thing is that  GreenSwitch® Original is produced without natural gas and has a low Carbon footprint. It’s a regular mineral fertilizer but made from manure. Producing chemical fertilizers requires a lot of energy, but that’s not the case with this product. It fits perfectly with our goal of sustainable cultivation”.

Jurgen Blom
Van der Avoird Trayplant, The Netherlands
Discover GreenSwitch® Original HG
Tomato grower in Greece using P4P solutions

"We have used P4P 4-Terra and 4-Vita extensively in our greenhouses. Although we had high temperatures, a lack of water, and many other problems, the crops overcame the water stress. In both cases, the plants were stronger, with better flowering, fruiting, and overall health. We were able to reduce water and Phosphorus use. The best tip I can give you is to use both biostimulants as I am happy with the results on my tomatoes".

Tomato grower in Greece using P4P solutions
Manthos Antonakis
Tomato grower - Ierapetra (Crete, Greece)
Plants for Plants®, the plant-based biostimulants

In the spotlight

GreenSwitch® Original HG

Van Iperen GreenSwitch® Original HG Horticultural Grade is the first liquid Nitrate fertilizer from organic source, allowing growers to reduce their carbon footprint without changing their cropping system.

Plants for Plants® 4-Vita

Vitalize and hydrate your crop with Plants for Plants® 4-Vita, our plant-based super biostimulant to improve the Water Use Efficiency (WUE) of the crop. Certified for organic agriculture.

Iperen IPE® Liquid 3 - 9 - 0 + Zn

Iperen IPE® Liquid | 3 - 9 - 0 + Zn is a unique formulation based on the Iperen IPE technology. It improves Phosphate and Micronutrient efficiency.

FoliaStim® Calcium SC

FoliaStim® Calcium SC is a pure and highly concentrated suspension, formulated with 15% seaweed and Calcium. A real innovation in the world of foliar Calcium solutions!

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