In the field of research and development, highly qualified engineers are constantly working on innovative technologies and products, which allow to bring new alternative chelated Micronutrient solutions to the market.


We work together with several innovative top specialists in production and development of chelated Micronutrients. They develop completely new types of chelating agents and innovative production processes. Only three complexing agents were added to the list of the European Fertilizer law over the past 20 years. Our main partner on Micronutrients developed two of them: IDHA and HBED.


Small pile of Oligo Copper-IDHA product

Our collaboration with our Micronutrients partners leads to new production methods and innovative product solutions of higher quality. They have extensive lab services enabling us to offer top quality Micronutrients: EDTA, IDHA, DTPA, EDDHA and HBED.

Chelates in the spotlight

Oligo Iron-DTPA 11%

Van Iperen Oligo Iron-DTPA 11% is a highly pure Iron fertilizer , which dissolves rapidly and completely. It allows to prepare the highest concentrated stock solution on the market. Iron DTPA is advised for hydroponics. Our product is dust free and is recommended at different phenological stages. The high level of Iron in our formula improves the production of chlorophyll.