Van Iperen International celebrates that the GreenSwitch® Nitrate project has reached another milestone after becoming the award winner of GreenTech 2021, the world-leading horticultural tradeshow! With this recognition, GreenTech acknowledges the innovation and uniqueness behind GreenSwitch® Nitrate as a game-changer in the fertilizing industry.

Based on Pure Green Agriculture technology, GreenSwitch® Nitrate is the world-first patented process producing organically derived Nitrate fertilizers for the high-tech greenhouse sector and open-field fertigation from animal manure. GreenSwitch® Nitrate is based on a circular economy model, a close to zero Carbon footprint, and a reduction of Nitrogen emission.

The reactions after the announcement have started with Erik van den Bergh, Managing Director of Van Iperen International: “I want to express my gratitude for this prize to GreenTech jury. Winning the ‘GreenTech’s Innovative Award 2021’ endorses our commitment to continue innovating. And we couldn’t be more excited to have won! Ultimately, this industry award confirms the hard work of the entire Van Iperen International team.”

Marc van Oers -Director of Innovations at Van Iperen International- has been in charge of presenting GreenSwitch® Nitrate to GreenTech’s jury panel. “In the last years, agriculture faces the dawn of a fascinating revolution. As a changemaker, Van Iperen International is determined to enhance agricultural productivity sustainably with innovative projects such as GreenSwitch®. Our end goal is to build up a more resilient agriculture industry”, said Marc after the presentation.

But this is not the only accomplishment of GreenSwitch® Nitrate recently. In June 2021, the GreenSwitch® project won the Innovation Award 2021 from HortiContact, the Horticulture reference in the Netherlands. This prize had groundbreaking consequences as Dutch horticulture is recognized as the most innovative in the world.

First IBC of GreenSwitch® Original delivered to Dutch growers

GreenSwitch® is at full speed with the delivery of its first IBC! Hoogeveen Plants, a Dutch producer of garden plants in pots, has received the first 1,000 liters of GreenSwitch® Original in an event-ceremony in Westland, the heart of Dutch horticulture. This is the first fertilizer within the GreenSwitch® portfolio, which will be extended with more sustainable solutions as part of a wider range.

At the same time, Van Iperen International is currently working on GreenSwitch’s registration as a suitable fertilizer in sustainable and organic farming worldwide. More info about GreenSwitch® Nitrate? Click here:

This project was made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.