In the last weeks, we could finally confirm the reception of the P4P promotional package for many of our partners. Thanks to the materials included in the packs, participants in the trials can support the Plants for Plants® LIFE project in their countries.

Some of the last photos received were from terremerse, in Italy. These pictures were taken while harvesting processing tomatoes. In this demonstration trial, we have been testing P4P solutions to improve the Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE).

From Italy, we move to Greece to talk about the new demonstration trials set up in the last weeks by our partner AGK. With these new trials on cucumber, eggplant, and Florina pepper, we want to compensate for the hectares lost due to the frost wave in April.

Last but not least, here are some pictures, taken by our partner Agrohellas, of the demonstration trials in Northern Greece. The application of Plants for Plants® was done on corn and cotton fields.

Meanwhile, we started receiving results from some trials. Since we are still at a very early stage, we will communicate the outcome later on. Can’t wait to see this year’s results? Take a look at the Plants for Plants® demo trials in 2020 and check here the conclusions: