With the Plants for Plants® Campaign 2021 rolling out effectively now, we’ve prepared a summary to catch up with the latest news of the Plants for Plants® LIFE Project. Do you want to know how are we standing with the demonstration trials? Here is your dose of Plants for Plants®:

Plants for Plants® demonstration trials
Thanks to our partners’ efforts, all trials have received the P4P solutions, and most have started the applications. As proof of the ongoing process, we are receiving pictures of the demonstration trials from some of our P4P Club members: NAD in Ireland; Linas Agro in Lithuania; Azelis in Denmark; Arterris in France; and Van Iperen BV in The Netherlands.

This is only a small appetizer of what Plants for Plants® have ahead this season: a total of 102 trials will be carried out in nearly 450 Ha across Europe. With this large number, we aim to take Plants for Plants® biostimulants close to local growers and show them the Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE), and Water Use Efficiency (WUE) on their crops/yields.

Visit at the P4P trials
One showing is worth a hundred talks. So why not showing growers the evidence of the Plants for Plants® efficiency on the spot? We plan to organize growers’ visits at the P4P trial’s locations together with our partners in the coming weeks. With these visits, growers will figure out that Plants for Plants® biostimulants are one of the solutions to reach their optimum yield with or without effective abiotic stress.

Promotional package
To get ready for the new season, we’ve arranged a special package for our P4P Club members: a kit with different promotional materials to spark interest and Plants for Plants® highlight locally.

Genuinely made with recycled materials and resources, we’ve produced some merchandise to increase brand awareness before the launch of the first P4P biostimulants. What better way to get the Plants for Plants® message out than wearing one of these polo t-shirts? or do you fancy one of these caps? If you spot them out there, you will witness a conscious way of growing crops.

Along with the promotional merchandise, we are sending new boards to our partners’. In this way, growers can mark where P4P solutions are being tested and keep track of the outcomes after applying. Our partners in Croatia already installed the first P4P board on vineyards.

Discover all details about this P4P project here: Plants for Plants® LIFE Project