Van Iperen International is proud to announce that our GreenSwitch® project won the Innovation Award 2021 from HortiContact, the Horticulture reference in the Netherlands. This prize has groundbreaking consequences as Dutch horticulture is recognized as the most innovative in the world.

Based on Pure Green Agriculture technology, GreenSwitch® is the world-first patented process turning manure into organically derived Nitrate fertilizers for the high-tech greenhouse sector and open-field fertigation. With a circular economy model, a close to zero Carbon footprint, and a reduction of Nitrogen emission, GreenSwitch® is definitely a gamechanger in the fertilizing industry.

Managing Director of Van Iperen International, Erik van den Bergh, has expressed his gratitude for the award: “To win a prestigious horticultural Innovation Award in the most innovative sector in one of the leading agricultural countries is making us proud. We look forward to contributing to a more sustainable agriculture with the new GreenSwitch products.

During the live stream event, Marc van Oers -Director of Innovations at Van Iperen International- presented GreenSwitch® to a jury panel. After his presentation speech, Marc highlighted the importance of this project nowadays: “The challenge at hand is unprecedented. At Van Iperen International, we believe that the developments we need in agriculture rely very much on a circular model that closes environmental loops, reduces harmful emissions, and upcycles by-products from farming and other industries. And that’s exactly what GreenSwitch® prooved to do.

Want to know why is the GreenSwitch® process so innovative? Click here and find out:

This project was made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy