For a few months, Phosphate fertilizers are going up in price rapidly. To a certain extent, this can be explained by supply/demand balances as well as the increase in costs, but anyhow, it is expected that the basic manufacturers will try to continue surfing on this – for them – favourable market conditions for a while.

Does that mean that the grower just has to accept and pay the high prices for phosphates and other fertilizers? Certainly not. At Van Iperen International, we are able to provide you the tools to change the game completely and let the growers save on input costs while even improving crop output. IPE® Technology is one of our solutions.

Iperen IPE® Technology significantly increases the level of Phosphate available for the plant by releasing Phosphate absorbed into soil particles and prevents the fixation of fresh applied Phosphate. Many scientific trials have proven the IPE effect and growers around the world who work with IPE® Technology are using up to 30% less Phosphate and see better results.

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