We have just gone through a difficult weather episode across Europe. After an early spring and record temperatures of over 25 degrees, winter has come back with significant negative temperatures.

The areas affected by frost are important, and some crops are compromised. But it is still time and fundamental to support our crops during these difficult events in order to reduce the effects on quality (frost flames, deformed fruits, etc.), to allow the root system to develop after antifreeze spraying technique (which could cause asphyxiation of soils) and thermal amplitudes that block vegetative growth.

Where the situation is still hopeful of recovery, we recommend relaunching the plant with Stim Pure AA to cope with these conditions. As a biostimulant, Stim Pure AA will allow the plant to recover from these weather hazards by relaunching photosynthesis and activating cell division. We recommend 2 applications at 2 l/ha at 7-day intervals on all perennials crops.