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Limited and intermittent precipitations can lead to severe drought events, and high temperature linked with drought results in higher heat stress on plants. At the same time episodes of excessive flooding that are becoming more and more frequent due to climate change, can provoke hydric stress on the plant.

The adverse effects of drought and heat or excessive flooding, combined with the rapid water loss from plant and soil surface, affect the hydric balance of the plant and ultimately result in loss of yield and quality.

Season after season, growers all over the world face these issues. Due to extreme weather conditions, the Water Use Efficiency (WUE) on plants has become one of the major challenges in agriculture.

For this reason, Van Iperen International combines its knowledge in mineral fertilizers with the opportunities of biostimulation to create innovative solutions. Our R&D and Innovation department has developed WAKE-up® Liquid, the fruit of many years of agronomical research. WAKE-up® Liquid is the ultimate solution to enhance the water uptake and improve the water balance status of the plant.

In this video, our Agronomist and Product Developer, Maher Boujaoude, explains all details of WAKE-up® Liquid and describes how the product was applied to a pear orchard and the results:

  • Better fruit set and fruit quality
  • 10 days earlier harvest
  • No leaves senescence during harvest
  • Better fruit buds for the next season

By improving the Water Use Efficiency (WUE) of the plant, WAKE-up® stimulates and induces a higher final quality, in particular coloration and firmness.

Interested in knowing more? Discover the proven effects of WAKE-up® Liquid with trial results here: Iperen WAKE-up® the quality drink for your crop!