Managing Phosphates for your crop can be a challenging task. The Iperen IPE® Technology can help you with this. The IPE-effect has been proven in many trials and the technology is used globally to better manage Phosphate needs. It is science, no magic.

Iperen IPE® : Increased Phosphate Efficiency

Iperen IPE® Technology significantly increases the level of Phosphates available for the plant. It releases Phosphates absorbed to soil particles and prevents fixation of fresh applied Phosphates. Therewith the Iperen IPE® Technology has a clear effect on the initial plant development. Growers who work with Iperen IPE® Technology use less Phosphates and get better results.  On top of it, growers benefit from positive side effects: the soil structure improves as well as the availability of Micronutrients.

Phosphate fixation

Graph showing Phosphate fixation by Iron, Alumunium and Calcium

Phosphates are sensitive to soil fixation, similar to Micronutrients. Once Phosphates are fixated, they become unavailable for the plant. Fixation occurs due to Phosphate precipitating agents and adsorption to the soil particles. In acidic soils with a pH lower than 5.5, Phosphates are fixated by Iron and Aluminum. In alkaline soils with a pH higher than 6.5 it is Calcium and Magnesium. Soil particles absorb Phosphates. Clayish soils can hold up to 200 kg of Phosphates per hectare. To reduce fixation, localized Phosphate application will help. But this is not always sufficient. Reducing the pH is hardly possible. Therefore Van Iperen introduced the Iperen IPE® technology. To grow for better results.

Release of fixated Phosphates

Graph showing the release of fixed Phosphates from soils using Iperen IPE Technology

Van Iperen conducted trials on bare land in order to prove that the Iperen IPE® Technology does increase plant available Phosphates in the soil. We measured the level of Phosphates available for the plant in the soil solution, comparing plots enhanced with Iperen IPE® Technology to untreated plots. None of the plots were treated with fresh Phosphates. Analyses of free available Phosphates were done on a weekly basis. The results were very positive: the level of Phosphates increased significantly after the application of Iperen IPE® Technology. The increase was due to Phosphates released from soil particles. Depending on the type of soil, the amount of fresh available Phosphates increased up to 100%. A clear Iperen IPE® effect!

Prevention of soil fixation

Graph showing the reduction of soil fixation of Phosphates using Iperen IPE

We also checked the Iperen IPE® effect on the reduced fixation of fresh applied Phosphates. We compared a control plot in which we added 50 ppm of Phosphates in the form of Mono Potassium Phosphate (200 kg / ha) with plots in which we added the Iperen IPE® Technology on top of the 50 ppm of Phosphates.

In the control plot, almost all fresh applied Phosphates were fixated to the soil soon after application. In the plots  with Iperen IPE® Technology, the amount of available Phosphates increased significantly for a longer period of time. Another proof that Phosphate Efficiency increases with Iperen IPE®!

Trial results on lettuce 20 days after sowing

Graph showing the Iperen IPE effect on the initial development of lettuce

We tested the Iperen IPE® effect on the initial development of lettuce when applied via fertigation. In the control no Phosphates and no IPE was added. In the first object, 20 kg / ha of Phosphates were applied and no IPE. In the second object, 15 kg / ha of Phosphates was combined with IPE.

The control (20 – 0 – 20 + TE) shows the lowest results on all parameters. After 20 days, volume and leaf ground coverage were highest in the IPE treated plots (Iperen IPE®| 20 – 15 – 20 + TE). The same goes for fresh biomass at the end of the trial, although fresh applied Phosphates was reduced with 30%.

Trial results on corn 20 days after sowing

Graph showing the Iperen IPE effect on the initial development of corn

We also checked the Iperen IPE® effect on the initial development of corn when applied via fertigation. The set-up was comparable to the lettuce trial. A control without any Phosphates. One object with Phosphates but without IPE. And an object with a similar amount of Phosphates plus Iperen IPE® Technology.

After 20 days, fresh biomass and SPAD analysis showed significantly higher figures with the Iperen IPE® treated object. Same counts for the height of the plant. Also in this trial the control has the lowest figures.

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