Seaweeds are used in agriculture since the 17th Century. For example to improve resistance to drought. Combined with new technologies and due to climate changes, seaweed is the number one biostimulant used by growers worldwide.

New solutions for agriculture

According international IPCC panel the temperature on Earth is expected to increase 1,8 to 4°C. This leads to more extreme weather conditions like drought, heat, extreme rainfall and hail.
How should global agriculture cope with this?

  • Breeding solutions: we can develop new crop varieties and root stocks that are adapted to the new environmental conditions.
  • Farming solutions: we can innovate on irrigation and water management and improve soil structure with soil amendments.
  • Crop management solutions: we can adapt plant nutrition and combine nutrition with the usage of biostimulants like seaweed.

Ascophyllum nodosum

Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed

Ascophyllum nodosum is the most researched seaweed species for agricultural use. Originated from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, it is exposed to extreme weather conditions and is capable of thriving in very high as well as sub-zero temperatures (-25°C in winter to +40°C in summer). Ascophyllum nodosum experiences extreme tide variances. Being exposed to freezing salt water at high tide in winter, and extreme heat at low tide in summer, Ascophyllum nodosum has adapted to live in the intertidal zone by evolving its biochemical compounds to overcome severe abiotic stress. This capability combined with a specific extraction method to keep all resistance property to the seaweed makes Ascophyllum nodosum the prefect biostimulant.

Our seaweed partner Acadian Plant Health™

We also have a special seaweed partner for our FoliaStim® range, Acadian Plant Health™ based in Nova Scotia, Canada. They are the worldwide leader in the extraction of seaweed, or Ascophyllum nodosum to be exact. Several years of successful collaboration has blossomed into a close working relationship and the signing of a Business and Marketing Partnership Agreement. Being both active in the market with exciting new formulations and sustainable programs we are able to meet the needs of modern day growers with the best solutions.

Sean Carson, Acadian Plant Health

“Acadian Plant Health™ believes in fostering partnerships that are based on research and innovation. With Van Iperen’s outside-the-box thinking and creativity, there is a vision for producing innovative, high-quality products based on APH seaweed technologies. Together we will build products Where Nutrition meets Biostimulation™!”

Sean Carson, Acadian Plant Health
Sean Carson
Market Development Manager, Acadian Plant Health™

Where Nutrition meets Biostimulation™

FoliaStim® is a new generation of foliar fertilizers with a unique technical approach combining nutrition and biostimulation. FoliaStim® contains a high level of mineral nutrients enriched with 15% of top quality Canadian Ascophyllum nodosum from our partner Acadian Plant Health™. It helps growers to get the best out of their crops, especially under difficult growing conditions.

Independent of the harvesting season our Ascophyllum nodosum used for FoliaStim® has a constant biochemical composition. It is harvested by hand and extracted right after. A gentle extraction process is used to rupture cell walls and release the components without damaging them.

Using FoliaStim® enables the grower to transfer the stress resistance properties to the plant in a consistent way and guarantees an efficient uptake of the nutrients.

Michal Privizer, fruit grower in Serbia

"Last summer, we faced drought conditions. My strawberries stopped growing so I applied FoliaStim Mix TE. After 3 days of application my strawberries recovered. Amazing!"

Michal Privizer, fruit grower in Serbia
Michal Privizer
Fruit grower Kisač - Serbia

Increased Nutrient Use Efficiency

Graph showing the increased uptake of nutrients of apple trees using FoliaStim products

The combination of our Ascophyllum nodosum with 100% chelated Micronutrients explains the increased NUE when using FoliaStim®. Studies show synergistic effects when our high quality seaweed is combined with nutrients. The graph shows the results of wood analysis on apple trees in winter time. It demonstrates the increased uptake of nutrients like Iron and Zinc in treated trees compared to the control.

Improved fruit quality

The increased resistance to abiotic stress and NUE leads to an improved overall health of the crop. Especially when the crop has to deal with excessive heat or drought for example.

The figure shows the effect of FoliaStim® on table grapes. The FoliaStim® was applied 5 times during the growth cycle at a rate of 0.75 l/ha /treatment. Results show an improved crop quality, especially in relation to increased bunch weight (+16%) and berry size (+6%).

Increased yield

Graph showing increased yield effect using FoliaStim on rice and corn grown under extreme conditions

The use of Ascophyllum nodosum also effects the yield, especially when growing conditions are harsh.

The figure shows the effect of FoliaStim® on rice and corn grown under extreme conditions. In the rice trial FoliaStim® was applied at a rate of 0.2 l/ha at initiation of tillering and during flower initiation. In the corn trial FoliaStim® was applied at a rate of 0.25 l/ha, at eight leaf collars stage and during pre-tasseling. Minerals were applied according to farmers practice. Results show an increase of yield with respectively 11% and 24% in comparison to farmers practice without the use of seaweed.

FoliaStim® products in the spotlight

FoliaStim® Mn Zn Liquid

Van Iperen FoliaStim® Mn Zn Liquid is a pure and highly concentrated liquid Micronutrient fertilizer, formulated with 15% seaweed and EDTA chelates. Our product is a stable solution and is recommended as of early spring until fruit setting. The synergy between our seaweed extract and Manganese and Zinc in our formula improves photosynthesis and growth of new healthy roots, vigorous hoots and flower buds. Can also be applied as part of post harvest treatments on perennials to help building up reserves into dormant buds. The presence of high quality seaweed supports the uptake and the transportation of nutrients and increases resistance against abiotic stress.

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FoliaStim® Calcium SC

Van Iperen FoliaStim® Calcium SC is a pure and highly concentrated suspension, formulated with 15% seaweed and Calcium. A real innovation in the world of foliar Calcium solutions, it is the first product on the market to combine highly concentrated and bioactive seaweed with Calcium at such high level. FoliaStim® Calcium SC brings the needed Calcium during critical fruit set and fruit growth stages, formulated without Nitrates, Chloride or Sulphate, making it a unique solution for such applications.

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FoliaStim® Ultimate Liquid

Van Iperen FoliaStim® Ultimate Liquid is a pure and highly concentrated liquid NPK fertilizer, formulated with 15% seaweed, mineral nutrients and EDTA chelates. Our product is a stable solution and is recommended during phenological stages with high stress levels and nutrition needs, such as intensive vegetative growth, and high production phases. The synergy between our seaweed extract and the balanced NPK and chelated micronutrients content in our formula provides adequate readily available nutrients at critical stages, improving the plant performance and providing the support needed to optimize yields. The presence of high quality seaweed supports the uptake and the transportation of nutrients and increases resistance against abiotic stress.

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Stim Pure Liquid

Van Iperen Stim Pure Liquid is a pure and highly concentrated liquid seaweed based on Ascophyllum nodosum. Our product is a stable solution and is recommended at different phenological stages. Ascophyllum nodosum is continuously exposed to ebb and flood and survives in a high salinity environment. Our Canadian Ascophyllum nodosum passes its stress resistance properties on to the plant. It is known for its high consistency independent of the harvesting season and for its unique way of processing.

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