In their drive to become more sustainable, Dutch company Beyond Chrysant has introduced GreenSwitch® Original, the world-first low-carbon footprint Nitrate fertilizer produced from manure, in their greenhouses.

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Until recently, a sustainable plant nutrition program in greenhouses wasn’t much of an out-spoken issue. But that’s no longer the case. Whether it’s a shortage of resources, a price increase of raw materials, agricultural challenges, or green awareness, we now see growers looking for ways to grow sustainably. And sustainable fertilizers seem to lead the way to transform greenhouses worldwide.

With knowledge sharing and new products coming on the market, such as GreenSwitch® Original, growers have gradually realized it’s feasible. And Beyond Chrysant, a Dutch company dedicated to chrysanth production, is one of the latest growers to introduce GreenSwitch® Original in their greenhouses. Beyond Chrysant joins other companies such as Bunnik Plants and Hoogeveen Plants to become ambassadors in the high-tech greenhouse sector by making the green switch.

A solution for manure excess from livestock

“Sustainability is one of our key issues. Resources will be more and more expensive, and also less easy to get. And GreenSwitch® is a really fantastic idea for reusing waste from farmers“, explains Wouter Duijvesteijn, co-owner of Beyond Chrysant.

On this note, we apply the principles of circular agriculture to produce GreenSwitch® Original. How? By using waste products from farming as input for crops. GreenSwitch® captures Nitrogen out of manure to produce a high-value Nitrate solution. This is what we call upcycling.

Reduction of Carbon footprint in the greenhouse industry

Besides closing agricultural loops and solving the excess of manure from farms, GreenSwitch® Original brings more benefits to the greenhouse industry. “By applying GreenSwitch® Original, we lowered our footprint”, says Wouter. How’s that possible?

As the GreenSwitch® Nitrate production process has been proven* to be close to zero Carbon footprint, growers reduce the CO2 impact of their activity while continuing with their regular crop management.

Unlike conventional Nitrate fertilizer production, the energy consumed to produce GreenSwitch® Original is significantly smaller. On top of that, this energy comes from green resources. Do you need more reasons to make the green switch?

With the implementation of GreenSwitch® Original, Beyond Chrysant continues the transition towards a more sustainable agriculture. This is a natural step that many growers are willing to take to continue with their jobs nowadays. And you? Do you want to start using sustainable fertilizers in your greenhouses? Download our brochure now and find out why growers are making the green switch.

This project was made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.