Our sister company Transterminal Dordrecht (TTD) is one of the three largest Water Soluble NPK production facilities in Europe.

Combining high capacity with flexibility

At TTD, we produce high quality and innovative Water Soluble NPKs thanks to a completely automated blending and packing line and an experienced staff. TTD combines capacity and flexibility which make this production site unique in its kind in Europe.

The entire blending and packaging facility is acclimatized. Not only all conveyors are covered and conditioned, but also the floors are equipped with floor-heating. This ensures a dry product with limited caking sensitivity. High quality guaranteed.

This production facility has over 25 years experience and is certified (ISO 9001:2008). TTD is located near the port of Rotterdam and our business does not stop at the European borders: we deliver Water Soluble NPKs in more than 90 countries all over the world.

"Producing the orders of Van Iperen is always a nice challenge. We have to combine high capacity and flexibility without compromising quality!"

Joost Griep
Manager TTD

Innovative WS NPKs

At TTD a large variety of key components and innovative additives are blended into a homogeneous end product to better distinguish in the market.

Furthermore, we have  developed an innovative coloring concept. The result is an intense and consistent coloring of the products as well as the solutions. Our customers can choose from a wide range of colors which allows them to stand out in the market. Our approach: Pick your own color!

Packaging available at TTD

We can pack an extended range of different types of bags, from 1 up to 25 kg. Our facility can keep up with a capacity of 1200 bags per hour. Special attention is paid to the strength of the bag and the seal. Therefore our quality controller has implemented a bag drop test.

To enable our customer to add their identity and product specific information on the Van Iperen bags, we implemented a dedicated printing technology without using labels. Tracking and tracing is guaranteed by the barcode printed on the bag. The printing is done while packing the product, which increases the flexibility.

Each bag is weighted and cleaned after packing before palletization and shipment.


Discover our Iperen IPE® Technology

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"When producing liquid formulations it all comes down to quality. And quality is in our nature."

Robert van den Kieboom
General Manager Euroliquids
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