The Iperenizers. A very rare type of people in narrow geographical areas around the world. They are uncommon; they are real. Their distinctive nature will help you to spot them out there. This group of people stands out for their innovative, perform-driven, ethical, reliable, energizing, and nice character. And what’s their goal? To change the rules of the game in plant nutrition. Why? Because of more sustainable agriculture. Do you want to hear one of them? We are pleased to introduce you to Richard Morris, our International Sales Manager North America based in the US.

Question 1 (Q1): How would you describe the US and Canadian markets currently? What needs are growers demanding currently?

Richard: The North American market is suffering from not having its own natural resources. Currently, we are relying on imported goods to service the industry, which made the last three-quarters of 2021 difficult. Every day, I get emails from new distributors to diversify their purchasing.

Q2: Before joining Van Iperen, you spend more than 15 years managing and growing fruits and vegetables in high-tech greenhouses. This experience gives you a unique perspective on greenhouse farming. Do you have any hints about the direction of the market? How can GreenSwitch® support growers in high-tech greenhouses?

Richard: GreenSwitch® can support the high-tech greenhouse sector as labor costs are surging with such ready-to-use products. This single reason would be a major factor.

Q3: What do you think about the market prospect of plant-based biostimulants, such as Plants for Plants®, in the US and Canada?

Richard: Plant for Plants® is the way of the future product produced with organic minerals. It is a hot topic today and will continue to be since we need to find sustainable growth. Markets haven’t been explored as of yet.

Q4: As Sales Manager in the US and Canada, you have an important role for many parties (distributors, growers, colleagues, etc). What’s the toughest part of your job? And what do you like the most?

Richard: In the USA, every state is treated as a country. And that’s the toughest part. This means each state has its own rule or way to register products. I always enjoy challenges seeing how we succeed personally and as a company. The next couple of years is going to be very exciting.

Q5: In such competitive markets, what’s your secret technique to close a deal?

Richard: I pretty much rely on an open dialog, trust, working for the customer, and taking accountability.

Q6: Your 4th anniversary as Iperenizer is around the corner! If you look back on these three years, how would you sum them up? What do you see ahead for you?

Richard: It has been fun, and challenging at times. Success isn’t easy but we have a great team at Van Iperen International. All of them are very supportive. The future looks very promising! I’m very excited about what will bring for us.