Do you have 1 minute and 12 seconds? Thanks to our latest animation, this is all the time you need to understand how our IPE® Technology works. Take a look and find out a smart way to increase Phosphate efficiency and reduce your P inputs up to 30%.

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Using IPE® technology will ensure increased Phosphate efficiency and prevent soil fixation of freshly applied P while also liberating already fixated P in the soil. Thanks to its ability to improve the use of this essential nutrient for root development, IPE® Technology will allow fast and vigorous growth. Additionally, reducing P inputs makes even more sense as fertilizers are currently getting more and more expensive.

IPE® comes in different formulations in water-soluble NPKs or in liquids such as:

Developed for fertigation in open field and soil greenhouse crops, these solutions will greatly improve the use of Phosphate. Visit our website to know more about our IPE® Technology: