Did you know the importance of post-harvest biostimulant treatments with minerals? Let’s put it into practice with some seaweed products from our Algae Solution range!

Post-harvest sprays give us the capacity to apply essential elements, such as Boron, on a full canopy in good condition. B is an important element involved in cell division and necessary for pollen tube development during flowering. Thanks to the biostimulant effect of the seaweed extract in our FoliaStim® B Mo, growers can keep the leaf’s lounger active on the trees and improve the carbohydrate reserve in the wood.

Zinc is also an important element that must be available during the budburst. Indeed it is a precursor of auxins essential for a homogeneous budburst. In combination with the seaweed extract of FoliaStim® Mn Zn applied in post-harvest, growers can increase the reserves of Zinc for the next spring.

Both products contain 15% bioactive seaweed inside. FoliaStim® B Mo and FoliaStim® Mn Zn can be used in post-harvest treatments to apply essential elements. Using FoliaStim® enables the grower to transfer the stress resistance properties to the plant and guarantees an efficient uptake of the nutrients. Learn more about our seaweed product range here!