The newest edition of the Plants for Plants® Trial Result Book is now available to download! This latest publication compiles all trial results from 2018 to 2023, showcasing the efficacy of our plant-based biostimulants, Plants for Plants® (P4P), across 12 new trials on a diverse range of crops.

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In agriculture, making informed decisions about crop management can be overwhelming. Growers and agronomists often struggle with questions about the efficacy of new solutions, especially under stressful conditions. Does the solution enhance nutrient uptake? How does it improve water efficiency? What impact does it have on soil health? Recognizing these concerns, Van Iperen International responds by releasing the latest edition of the Plants for Plants® Trial Result Book.

Our Plants for Plants® Trial Result Book is a valuable resource for anyone wondering these questions. In this version, We offer detailed insights into the performance of Van Iperen’s plant-based biostimulantsPlants for Plants® 4-Good, Plants for Plants® 4-Vita, and Plants for Plants® 4-Terra in all kinds of conditions. It highlights their role in enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE), improving Water Use Efficiency (WUE), maximizing crop quality and yield, and strengthening plants’ resilience.

Samples of Plants for Plants 4-Good, 4-Vita, and 4-Terra solutions in the lab

Positive Trends: 70% of Trials Show Improved Crop Outcomes

With results from over 130 trials conducted by Van Iperen International and LandLab from 2018 to 2023, the latest data reveals a favorable picture of outcomes, with approximately 70% of trials showing positive impacts on crop quality and quantity. These results not only affirm the efficacy of Plants for Plants® biostimulants but also offer valuable insights into challenges and opportunities for improvement in agricultural practices.

Furthermore, all trial results contribute to a deeper understanding of the Mode of Action (MOA) of P4P biostimulants, solidifying the effectiveness of Plants for Plants® 4-Good, 4-Vita, and 4-Terra. It is worth noting that in accordance with the EU Fertilizer Product Regulation (FPR) 2019/1009, Plants for Plants® products are fully compliant with the new law. The Legal Conformity Claim for Plants for Plants® 4-Terra affirms ‘Biostimulation, Nutrient Use Efficiency,’ while for Plants for Plants® 4-Good, it is also ‘Biostimulation, Nutrient Use Efficiency.’ Likewise, for Plants® for Plants 4-Vita, the claim emphasizes ‘Biostimulation, Water Use Efficiency.’ Ensuring compliance with FPR 2019/1009 is crucial for growers as it guarantees product legality, safety, and reliability, fostering trust with consumers and facilitating market access.

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Commitment to Make Conventional Agriculture More Sustainable

Certified by Ecocert for organic farming and honored with the EU LIFE Award 2023 in the environmental category, Plants for Plants® biostimulants reflect Van Iperen International’s ongoing commitment to making conventional agriculture more sustainable. The updated Trial Result Book not only presents the results of the latest 12 trials but also builds upon the findings from the previous edition, providing a complete understanding of the performance and adaptability of Plants for Plants® biostimulants across different agricultural contexts.

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