During the Plants for Plants LIFE programme, we will run scientific and demonstration trials.

The test area of the European pilot will be 220 hectares in 2020; 90 hectares of which will be treated with the new biostimulants. The area will be growing to 1.700 hectares during 2021.

In 2019, in the frame of the EU founded LIFE Project, we tested the Plants for Plants prototypes in different climatic zones all around Europe (B4 trials). We tested three products with different aims: LL002 foliar applied to increase water and phosphorus use efficiency (WUE and PUE), LL004 soil applied to increase phosphorus use efficiency (PUE) and LL017 to increase crop fortification (CFE) against biotic stress.

We performed the trials in different countries on different crops, like strawberries, apples, potatoes, sugarbeets, tomatoes, grapes, etc.
We travelled to The Netherlands, France, Croatia, Poland and Italy (Veneto and Sicily), for a total of 28 travels and 608 hours of journey!

In all these countries we were welcomed by very willing and interested farmers, that helped us with their time and observations.

Some trials results were excellent, as in sugar beet where there was a terrific increase in yield and sugar content or tomatoes, where -30% of water was achieved without dramatically change the yield, and overall very good results were obtained in the majority of the crops, with saving of water, phosphorus and fungicides. A lot of people were involved in this part of the project both from Landlab and Van Iperen International.

Some trial where performed by external subcontractors, under Landlab supervision: The Faculty of Agrobiotechnology in Osijek and Rusthoeve in the Netherland.
All these trials will be repeated again in 2020, and in bigger scale, with the help of many distributors and farmers, in 11 countries in the B5 trials.