With the season kicking off in many areas, soft fruit growers look for the latest innovations to support their strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry crops with good nutrition management. How to succeed this season? We recommend some sustainable growing practices and Plants for Plant®s 4-Terra.

Soft fruits are highly-valuable crops that require well-balanced nutrition management. However, drought conditions can lead to water stress, which can negatively impact the ability of plants to absorb nutrients and lead to reduced fruit quality.

To enhance the Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) of their crops, soft fruit growers must prioritize strategies that promote healthy soil and root growth. Some of these strategies include using drip irrigation systems that deliver water directly to the plants’ roots, mulching to retain soil moisture, and choosing drought-tolerant varieties. Additionally, using plant-based biostimulants such as Plants for Plants® 4-Terra can also help improve the nutrition of soft fruit plants.

Double the Power: How Plants for Plants® 4-Terra Enhances Plant and Soil Health

Introducing Plants for Plants® 4-Terra – our powerful plant-based biostimulant that’s transforming the way soft fruit growers manage their crops! Unlike other biostimulants that focus on just one aspect of nutrient uptake, P4P 4-Terra has a unique dual effect that enhances both the mobility and use of Phosphate in plants, as well as positively impacts the soil microflora.

So how does it work? Firstly, Plants for Plants® 4-Terra activates a Phosphate transporter (called PHT2;1 gene) that leads to improved Phosphate assimilation in the plant, boosting nutrient uptake and strengthening plant growth. But that’s not all – it also increases the microbial population in the soil, allowing for Phosphate solubilization and greater nutrient availability for the plant to use. This “Microbioma effect” ensures that your crops receive all the nutrients they need for optimal growth and performance.

With Plants for Plants® 4-Terra, soft fruit crops get the best possible nutrition management, even in stressful conditions.

Trials prove Plants for Plants® 4-Terra boosts yield in strawberries

Here’s the importance of conducting trials to test the effectiveness of Plants for Plants® 4-Terra. Several trials conducted in the last years have shown the positive results of Plants for Plants® 4-Terra on soft fruits.

In 2020, LandLab conducted a trial in strawberries -Irma variety- in Quinto Vicentino (Italy). With 40% Phosphate reduction, P4P 4-Terra showed an increase of 32% in yield compared to farmer practice. This clearly puts forward an increased Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) as plants performed better with reduced Phosphate input.

In 2019, another trial was conducted on strawberries of the Joly variety in Rumenka, Serbia. The trial, executed by the Agriculture Faculty in Novi Sad, focused on the application of Plants for Plants® 4-Terra using the fertigation method. The results of the trial were promising, showing a significant yield improvement of over 12% when comparing two different doses of P4P 4-Terra. This indicates a wide range of responses to the dosage, ranging from 16.5 to 44.2 Kg/Ha. Additionally, the trial revealed an increase in anthocyanin content, which contributes to the desirable color and taste of strawberries. Furthermore, the application of P4P 4-Terra demonstrated an improvement in the availability of Phosphorus in the soil, highlighting its effectiveness in enhancing nutrient availability and overall crop performance.

Overall, Plants for Plants® 4-Terra is a game-changer in the world of biostimulants. Its double Phosphate effect works wonders on both the soil and the plant, leading to healthier plants and more acceptable yields. By adopting Plants for Plants® 4-Terra, even in challenging conditions, growers can help ensure the health and productivity of their soft fruit crops, and maximize the value of these crops. For more info about trials, you can visit ‘Trial results Plants for Plants®’ and download our brochure.