Van Iperen International and LandLab are thrilled to announce that Plants for Plants® has been nominated as a finalist for the prestigious LIFE Awards 2023 in the category of Environment. The winners, chosen by a panel of expert judges, will be announced at a ceremony on the 6th of June in Brussels.

The LIFE Awards is an initiative of the EU and recognize the most innovative, inspirational, and effective LIFE projects in three categories: nature protection, environment, and climate action. In addition to the LIFE Awards 2023, Plants for Plants® is competing for the LIFE Citizens’ Prize with other projects, where the general public can vote for their preferred initiative online. Vote for Plants for Plants® now!

Plants for Plants® is a new generation of plant-based biostimulants, fully controlled from the source to the final product. It is organic and safe for users, consumers, and the planet as it is a 100% natural product following a food-grade process.

During a period of about 10 years LandLab jointly with Van Iperen International has been working on researching, developing, and field testing, backed by scientific data, the effectiveness of the Plants for Plants® concept in promoting sustainable plant nutrition in agriculture. In 2022, Van Iperen International launched the first three products of the Plants for Plants® range:

  • P4P 4-Vita, targeting Water Use Efficiency for foliar applications
  • P4P 4-Good, targeting Nutrient Use Efficiency also for foliar applications
  • P4P 4-Terra, targeting Nutrient Use Efficiency for fertigation

The role of sustainable agriculture in creating a more sustainable future

Plants for Plants®‘s selection as a finalist among many other LIFE projects shows its big impact on the environment both now and in the future. “The nomination of the Plants for Plants® project for the Life Awards 2023 is a testament to the impact and importance of sustainable agriculture in creating a more sustainable future”, says Erik van den Bergh Managing Director of Van Iperen International. Adriano Altissimo, Director of LandLab, joined the celebration for the nomination: “As Plants for Plants initiator and concept developer, it’s an honor to be nominated for the Life Awards 2023 among other entries. The LIFE Award is a prestigious recognition for outstanding environmental and climate initiatives, and we are proud to be considered among such worthy nominees”.

From Van Iperen International and LandLab, we thank also the other beneficiaries of the LIFE project Padova University, Euroliquids, and James Hutton Institute. We wish the best of luck to all the other nominees who share our commitment to creating a more sustainable future.