Finike is the next stop of our journey in Turkey. This time, we leave behind the open field to visit tomato soil greenhouses. Mr. Abdullah, grower and Agricultural Engineer, gives us some hints to succeed in tomato production with Van Iperen fertilizers.

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The production of tomatoes in soil greenhouses requires a lot of care. This type of controlled environment cultivation allows growers to manage the growing conditions, temperatures, humidity, and even light. As it’s a very demanding job, we visit a greenhouse in Finike district, Antalya province, with Ismail Özturk, Technical Director at Safa Tarim, to understand the challenges that tomato growers are encountering and how Van Iperen fertilizers facilitate growing tomatoes with optimal yield.

A customized fertilization program for growing tomatoes in soil greenhouses

Thanks to the large extension of our catalogue, Van Iperen can cover all tomato stages with specialty fertilizers and biostimulants. “From the planting stage until harvest, there’s a Van Iperen solution to use for growing tomatoes in soil greenhouses“, says Mr. Abdullah.

To achieve a well-developed root system, the grower uses one of our pure seaweed-based biostimulants: “We use Stim Pure AA for good rooting system and better plant establishments”. This seaweed-based solution will boost root development and pass stress-resistance effects onto the tomato plant. Due to its properties, Stim Pure AA can be applied at different growth stages.

In the early growing stages, the tomato grower uses our water-soluble NPK with IPE® Technology. After the fruit set, he applies WS NPK 20-10-20 for fruit enlargement and Lipari 13-7-34+7CaO+2MgO+TE for fruit filling. For homogenous growth, flowering, and fruit set, Mr. Abdullah chooses other seaweed-based solutions plus micronutrients such as FoliaStim® B Mo, FoliaStim® Mn Zn, and FoliaStim® Calcium SC.

A definitive solution to solve Phosphate fixation problems in the long run

Like many other growers around the world, Phosphate fixation is one of the main challenges in this area. To reduce Phosphate fixation on alkaline soils with a high pH, a localized application will help, but this is not always sufficient.

For this reason, Ismail Özturk recommends IPE® Technology: “It is an efficient solution for longer terms in soil greenhouses. After applying it to the soil, Iperen IPE® 11-44-11+TE releases soil-fixated Phosphates and overcomes the precipitation of fresh applied Phosphates […] In this way,  we meet the crop Phosphorus need at the early and mid stages”.

Thanks to the support of our Agronomy local team and Safa Tarim, we made this fertilization program 100% adapted to the needs of the tomato crop in the Antalya area (Turkey).

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Our deepest condolences on the earthquake in Turkey

Last but not least, we would like to send our deepest condolences on the earthquake in Turkey to all the victims and families. As a company that operates in Turkey, we feel a strong connection to the country and its people. Our thoughts and hearts are with you during this difficult time. We understand that the earthquake has caused immense suffering for the Turkish people, and we want to express our deepest sympathy.