A Dutch potato grower highlights the remarkable benefits of Plants for Plants® 4-Good, a plant-based biostimulant within the Plants for Plants® range, on potato cultivation. The grower’s experience reveals how the application of Plants for Plants® 4-Good has significantly enhanced potato tuber production and crop yield, addressing challenges faced in potato crops.

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Agrikamp Recommends Plants for Plants® Biostimulants for Enhanced Potato Cultivation

As potato growers face increasing challenges in maintaining optimal crop growth, we visit The Netherlands to know how to enhance potato cultivation. For it, we talk to Agrikamp, an experienced agricultural company located in Hoeksche Waard, about their experience with Plants for Plants® biostimulants. During our talk, Angelo van Ree, a Dutch potato grower, specifically emphasizes the effectiveness of Plants for Plants® 4-Good in improving potato tubers and crop yield.

Organic farming certified by Ecocert and winner of the EU LIFE Award 2023 in the category of environment, Plants for Plants® 4-Good is an essential tool to make conventional agriculture more sustainable.

Angelo van Ree, potato grower from AgrikampDutch grower working on a potato field

Improved Potato Tuber Quantity and Uniform Grading

With extreme weather conditions and limited plant protection products available, the grower’s testimonial sheds light on the crucial role our plant-based biostimulants play in overcoming these obstacles.

Angelo recommends Plants for Plants® 4-Good for all potato varieties that struggle to develop tubers effectively. By utilizing this plant-based biostimulant, potato farmers can witness a significant increase in the number of tubers, ensuring a more uniform grading system. This achievement not only benefits the grower economically but also contributes to the overall quality of the potato harvest.

Plants for Plants® 4-Good: A Resilience-Boosting Biostimulant

Part of the Plants for Plants® range, Plants for Plants® 4-Good is a plant-based biostimulant specifically designed to improve crop nutrient uptake and utilization, leading to healthier plants, more resilient crops, and higher yields.

By employing a foliar application technique, the grower sprays Plants for Plants® 4-Good over their potato crops, effectively improving their ability to withstand stressors and environmental challenges.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption for Increased Crop Yield

One of the key advantages of Plants for Plants® 4-Good biostimulant is their ability to improve the absorption of vital minerals by plants. This improved nutrient absorption facilitates increased water uptake and ultimately leads to higher crop yields.

Dutch grower shows the result of a potato plant treated with Plants for Plants 4-GoodPotato plant after applying Plants for Plants 4-Good in a Dutch farmland

Different Trials Prove Consistent High Yield and Improved Weight

Through trials conducted in The Netherlands, primarily focusing on potato cultivation, the grower observed a substantial increase in the number of tubers across various potato varieties, clearly demonstrating the efficacy of Plants for Plants® biostimulants.

The grower’s experience with Plants for Plants® biostimulants extends beyond the number of tubers. They have consistently achieved significantly higher crop yields, showcasing the overall effectiveness of these biostimulants in potato cultivation.

Additionally, the trials also revealed an increase in the underwater weight of the potatoes. This improvement can be attributed to the enhanced utilization of minerals, allowing for increased dry matter accumulation within the potatoes.

Ease of Application and Optimal Timing

The ease of application is a crucial factor in the grower’s decision to utilize Plants for Plants® 4-Good. Over the last three years, the grower has successfully incorporated the biostimulant into their French fries potato cultivation.

By simply mixing it with their fungicide sprays, the grower ensures seamless integration of Plants for Plants® 4-Good into their crop management routine. The initial application commences during the tuber set, with subsequent applications every fourteen days, emphasizing the importance of early intervention to minimize plant stress.

Van Iperen Team and potato grower check the results of a potato plant after treated with Plants for Plants 4-Good

Overcoming Challenges in Potato Cultivation

Potato cultivation poses increasing challenges due to extreme weather conditions and the limited availability of plant protection products. However, different trials conducted since 2018 demonstrate that Plants for Plants® 4-Good can effectively counter these challenges. Despite the external pressures, these plant-based biostimulants enable growers to achieve optimal yields while maintaining tuber quality.

This firsthand experience shared by Agrikamp highlights the benefits derived from integrating Plants for Plants® biostimulants, particularly Plants for Plants® 4-Good, into potato cultivation practices. By utilizing these plant-based products, growers can experience a substantial increase in tuber quantity, improved crop yield, and enhanced resilience against environmental stressors. In an industry facing ongoing challenges, Plants for Plants® biostimulants offer a reliable solution for maximizing potato cultivation outcomes.