Van Iperen International embarks on a journey with a two-fold objective: to meet with durian growers in Thailand and understand their challenges in durian cultivation.

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The Challenges of Durian Cultivation and the Role of IPE® Technology

Durian cultivation poses unique challenges due to susceptibility to diseases and nutrient deficiencies. Van Iperen’s journey in Thailand reveals firsthand the remarkable difference IPE® Technology can make for durian growers. By addressing nutrient deficiency and enhancing phosphate availability, fertilizers with IPE® Technology empower farmers to achieve optimal durian crop yields.

Athit Sanitkan, Vichai Karn Kaset Shop Manager, distributes IPE Technology in ThailandAgronomist Nui from Charlie SPC Co. Ltd. recommends IPE® Technology to durian grower Khun Suriyan Nakpan

Thailand, known as a major durian producer and exporter, boasts regions like Rayong, Nonthaburi, and Chanthaburi renowned for their durian orchards. In Chanthaburi’s Tha Mai District, at Huai Sathon, Athit Sanitkan, Vichai Karn Kaset Shop Manager, shares his success story with IPE® Technology. Overcoming Phytophthora disease in durian trees, he recognizes its potential to improve Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and considers it a valuable tool for overcoming agricultural crises.

Positive Results: Trials Confirm the Effectiveness of IPE® Technology in Durian Farms

Successful trials conducted by Charlee SPC Co. Ltd. and Vichai Karn Kaset Shop further demonstrate the effectiveness of IPE® Technology in durian farms. Treated trees show remarkable improvement in new root hair growth, shoot emergence, and leaf development.

A Grower’s Journey with IPE® Technology

Inspired by these results, Agronomist Nui from Charlee SPC Co. Ltd. recommends IPE® Technology to full-time grower Suriyan Nakphan, despite adverse conditions. With high levels of fixed phosphorus in the region’s soil, IPE® Technology stimulates phosphorus release, making it accessible to durian trees. By following the recommended application rate, the grower witnesses the growth of new root hair within a month, indicating improved nutrient absorption and resilience.

Through collaboration and innovation, Van Iperen International and durian growers unite to overcome challenges and contribute to sustainable agricultural growth. By adopting IPE® Technology and practicing responsible nutrient management, Thai growers pioneer more sustainable durian cultivation, minimizing environmental impact.

For expert guidance on phosphate management in durian-growing regions, consult with agronomists and local agricultural experts. Their valuable insights will further enhance durian crop productivity and environmental sustainability.