As the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves again at the crossroads of reflection and anticipation. 2024 beckons with the promise of new challenges, and we’re thrilled to share the latest chapter in our Green Switch Journey unwraping the highlights of 2023 with this video. Let’s honor the collective achievements of Van Iperen International together!

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Despite the market challenges this year—price instability, high stock at high prices, farmer reluctance to buy, and political instability, even war in certain areas—we recognize the reality of the field. Sustainability is crucial, and while we are committed to the journey forward, we remain aware of and steadfast in our efforts to support our partners in overcoming these difficulties.

As we navigate this journey, we want to emphasize that it’s a collaborative effort involving all stakeholders in the industry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our partners for embarking on the Green Switch Journey with us.

Plants for Plants® Achievements

Undoubtedly, 2023 will occupy a special chapter in our Green Switch Journey. A memorable chapter unfolded when Plants for Plants® biostimulants received the European LIFE Award 2023 in Brussels, recognizing their contribution to innovation and sustainability.

But that was not the only achievement with Plants For Plants®. Our new generation of plant-based biostimulants earned Ecocert’s organic farming certification, recognizing their effectiveness and eco-friendly nature.

Sweden’s First GreenSwitch® Potassium Factory Unveiled

This year, the GreenSwitch® Potassium project entered a new stage with the construction and development of the first factory in Sweden. In June, Erik van den Bergh had a chance to visit our partner Cinis Fertilizer, and see the progress together. The upcoming launch of GreenSwitch® SOP in 2024 adds another dimension to our commitment to empowering growers while minimizing environmental impact.

GreenSwitch® Nitrate Factory Expansion

Simultaneously, our plans to expand the GreenSwitch® Nitrate factory in The Netherlands signify a strategic move to enhance energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, diversify our sustainable fertilizer range, and begin producing Nitric Acid alongside liquid Potassium Nitrate. First half of 2024, it is expected to complete the expansion.

Success Stories with Van Iperen Fertilizers and Biostimulants

Throughout the year, successful stories emerged with Van Iperen fertilizers and biostimulants. For instance, OK Plant, a Dutch orchid nursery, integrated GreenSwitch® Original into their greenhouse production. Agrikamp and Château de Cornelia shared their positive results with Plants for Plants® in crops like potatoes and vineyards, highlighting the pragmatic impact of sustainable biostimulants.

In 2023, our dedication to promoting sustainable practices in conventional agriculture is evident through the success of Plants for Plants®, the continued expansion of GreenSwitch® Original, and the exciting progress in GreenSwitch® Potassium. These achievements represent concrete steps towards assisting growers in overcoming the challenges in agriculture.

To everyone involved in the Green Switch Journey, the Van Iperen International Family wishes you a joyous holiday season and a happy new year!