Van Iperen International includes the SOVEEA logo on all packaging sold in the French market and territories. This logo isn’t just a symbol—it means our bags will be collected directly from growers as part of a recycling initiative.

Van Iperen Recycling Packaging with SOVEEA logo

Van Iperen International is now proudly listed as a member of the ADIVALOR program! Starting now, all our packaging, including fertilizer bags of all sizes, sold in the French market and territories-such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Reunion Island- will feature the distinctive SOVEEA logo. Why is this news good for the grower?

From Field to Recycling Bin: Our Commitment to Sustainable Packaging in Agriculture

Thanks to this initiative, all our empty packaging, marked with the SOVEEA logo, is not only collected directly from growers but is also efficiently recycled.

By doing so, we actively support a sustainable and circular approach to agriculture. Our fertilizer bags transform into eco-friendly packaging through a recycling process that aligns with our dedication to reusing by-product streams. This is a significant step forward in our Green Switch Journey, our footprint reduction roadmap.

At Van Iperen International, we believe in collective responsibility. By embracing the ADIVALOR program, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint and actively contribute to making conventional agriculture more sustainable.