Welcome to Kistelek, Hungary, where the journey of a pepper grower intersects with our innovative solutions, Plants for Plants®. With challenging soil textures and rapid warming, Plants for Plants® 4-Terra emerges as a key solution to improve the performance of pepper crops in greenhouses.

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With the unique characteristics of the local soil—sandy textures, low water retention, and rapid warming—Buknicz István decided to optimize crop growth with our plant-based solutions, Plants for Plants®. Intrigued by the promise of enhanced root development, vibrant foliage, and improved water management, our pepper grower decided to integrate Plants for Plants® 4-Terra biostimulant into the cultivation process. What followed was a remarkable evolution in the greenhouse. The resilience of the crop and the impact of Plants for Plants® 4-Terra became undeniable.

Van Iperen consultant talks to the pepper grower about the evidences of P4P 4-Terra on peppers

Root System Development

From the initial planting stages, the grower witnessed a remarkable acceleration in root system development. The treated crop not only caught up with the control one but surpassed it! All of that, thanks to the strategic application advice of our consultant in the field.

The greenhouse transformed into a controlled canvas of vibrant greens, signaling more than just aesthetic changes. Learn how Plants for Plants® 4-Terra contributes to an environment where plants thrive.

Root growth development of a pepper plant treated with Plants for Plants 4-Terra

Side-by-Side Comparison

Carefully observed over time, the treated crop with Plants for Plants® 4-Terra showed a larger leaf surface, showcasing the biostimulant’s impact on water and nutrient absorption. A testament to the product’s ability to enhance root development and, consequently, plant vitality.

A compelling visual awaits as we compare the treated crop with its untreated one. We notice the differences in root system density, stem strength, leaf size, and, ultimately, the size and abundance of the harvest.

Left pepper plant treated with Plants for Plants 4-Terra compared to control plants

Unlocking Higher Yields: The Science Behind Plants for Plants® 4-Terra in Pepper Cultivation

With Plants for Plants® 4-Terra, growers improved the establishment of the crop by ensuring better absorption of nutrients throughout the cycle, allowing for higher yields and crop quality. How does our plant-based biostimulant work? Plants for Plants® 4-Terra activates the PHT2;1 gene, enhancing Phosphate assimilation within the pepper plant for robust growth. Simultaneously, it enables a prosperous soil microflora through a “Microbioma effect,” ensuring optimal nutrient availability.

Peppers treated with Plants for Plants 4-Terra, our plant-based biostimulantPepper plants in soil greenhouse in Hungary

Certified by Ecocert for organic farming and honored with the EU LIFE Award 2023 in the environmental category, P4P 4-Terra stands as a key tool of nutrient management excellence. Why? Because it provides pepper crops with the dual Phosphate (P) effect—both in the soil and within the plant.

Pieces of evidence on the leaf size and colour after applying Plants for Plants 4-Terra

Curious to hear the pepper grower’s experience and understand the science behind Plants for Plants® 4-Terra? Explore the full video for an informative journey into the transformative effects of this plant-based biostimulant.