Van Iperen International recently concluded its Corporate Seminar 2023—an extraordinary opportunity for our team to reunite, reflect on our current work, and collectively envision the future path of our company.

1. The Van Iperen International Team - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy

For four immersive days in the captivating landscapes of Sicily, our team engaged in a series of activities and discussions that not only strengthened our professional bonds but also set the stage for the next chapter of the Green Switch Journey. Now, let’s dive into the highlights of this experience!

Strategic Sessions and Roadmap Unveiling

We delved deep into intensive strategy sessions, preparing the roadmap that will guide us through the upcoming season with GreenSwitch® Nitrate, Plants for Plants®, and the much-anticipated GreenSwitch® Potassium. All sessions provided the perfect backdrop for innovation and forward thinking.

Adventurous Outdoor Exploration

Our team not only scaled new professional heights during corporate meetings but also conquered the heights on Etna. The breathtaking views and the thrill of adventure fueled our creativity and camaraderie.

3. Some team members climbed the volcano Etna - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy4. Scenery during the hiking route with Etna in the background - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy

Hands-On Experiences with Growers

Getting our hands dirty and witnessing the impact of our fertilizers in action was a highlight of the seminar. Visiting growers who rely on our products brought our mission to life, reinforcing our commitment to growers and agriculture.

7. Italian Grower shows yield after having been using Stim Pure Liquid - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy10. Caliber measurement during the agronomical assignment - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy

8. Some team members put in common their feedback during the agronomical assignment - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy9. Acidity test during the agronomical assignment - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy

7. Van Iperen colleagues before the agronomical assignment - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy5. Team members during the agronomical assignement - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy

Celebrating Growth and Collaboration

The seminar provided a unique opportunity to strengthen bonds, forge new connections, and align our visions for the future. The collective energy and commitment within our team are truly appreciated, moving us forward in our mission to make conventional agriculture more sustainable. Now, let’s make the green switch!

11. Visit to growers in Sicily - Corporate Seminar 2023 in Italy