In the heart of Ierapetra, Greece’s leading vegetable production region, Emilios Bachlitzanakis, Senior Agronomist at Syntagi Green Progress, unveils his strategy for tackling the challenges of a stressful climate. In this exclusive interview, Bahlitzakinis shares insights after implementing Plants for Plants®, our plant-based biostimulants, in tomato and cucumber greenhouse cultivation.

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In the latest episode of “The Voice of Growers“, our journey takes us to the island of Crete, where innovation meets tradition in agricultural practices. Two years ago, Syntagi Green Progress, a pioneering tomato and cucumber production company, introduced Plants for Plants®, our plant-based biostimulants, in their cultivation systems to deal with drought and severe weather conditions.

Preventing Heat Stress in Tomato Cultivation

Facing the recurrent struggle of water scarcity, Emilios Bachlitzanakis, Senior Agronomist at Syntagi Green Progress, and his team found themselves at the forefront of agricultural innovation. “Our water supply, often insufficient from mountain sources, presents a challenge for irrigating our crops,” he explains. However, this challenge spurred them to seek innovative solutions to alleviate plant stress and ensure robust crop yields.

Van Iperen's Agronomist and Emilius Bahlitzakinis from Syntagi Green Progress check the state of the tomato plants

Syntagi Green Progress has used Plants for Plants® biostimulants in their tomato and cucumber crops proactively. By applying treatments of Plants for Plants® 4-Vita before the onset of heat stress, they have obtained remarkable results, enhancing the resilience of their tomato plants against adverse environmental conditions.

Fostering Robust Root Development for Cucumber Cultivation

In cucumber soil cultivation, Bahlitzakinis relies on Plants for Plants® 4-Terra. Our plant-based biostimulant enriches the soil microbiome, fostering vigorous root development essential for optimal plant growth.

Van Iperen's Sales Manager and Syntagi Green Progress walk in the cucumber soil greenhouse

“Plants for Plants® biostimulants have fortified our crops to resist challenging conditions,” Bahlitzakinis says. The effects of these plant-based biostimulants boost crops with vitality, mitigating the detrimental effects of stress. In concrete, Bahlitzakinis underscores the tangible benefits of their cultivation practices: “We have observed improved Water Use Efficiency and Nutrient Uptake Efficiency (WUE and NUE) since incorporating Plants for Plants® 4-Vita and 4-Terra.”

Implementing our plant-based biostimulants in greenhouses shows an effective tool for making conventional agriculture more sustainable. In 2023, Plants for Plants® won the EU LIFE Award in the category of Environment and received Ecocert’s organic farming certification. Discover other stories of growers using Van Iperen’s Specialty Fertilizers and Biostimulants in other crops and conditions!