Managing crop nutrient levels, particularly Phosphate, is a common challenge for growers worldwide. Phosphate, crucial for plant growth, often gets fixated in the soil, – inaccessible to plants. Traditional methods fall short, leaving room for improvement in nutrient management strategies. At Van Iperen International, we offer an efficient solution: Iperen IPE® Technology.

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In response to this challenge, the Iperen IPE® Technology has emerged as a game-changer in optimizing Phosphate and Micronutrients utilization in crop cultivation. Through a series of trials, this innovative range has demonstrated its efficacy in enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) and, hence, improving plant development and crop yield.

Releases fixed Phosphate

Graph IPE Technology Trial Releases Fixed Phosphate The IPE® Technology has been extensively studied for its impact on Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE), particularly in managing Phosphate levels in both acidic and alkaline soils.

Studies conducted on bare soil have demonstrated a substantial increase in available Phosphate levels due to the application of Iperen IPE® Technology. Without any additional Phosphate application, our solutions facilitated the release of fixed Phosphate in soil particles.

Depending on soil type, the increase in available Phosphate went up to 100%, as evidenced by graphical representations. This clear effect underscores the efficacy of the IPE® Technology in optimizing nutrient availability for plant uptake.

Prevents Phosphate Fixation

Graph IPE Technology Trial Prevents Phosphate Fixation Moreover, Iperen IPE® effectively prevents Phosphate fixation in subsequent applications. A comparative trial between plots treated solely with Phosphate and those treated with Iperen IPE® alongside Phosphate showcased significant differences in Phosphate fixation.

While Phosphate applied alone quickly became immobilized in the soil, the addition of Iperen IPE® led to a prolonged increase in available Phosphate levels over time. This evidence reaffirms the technology’s role in enhancing NUE by preventing nutrient fixation and ensuring continued nutrient availability for plant uptake.

Water-Soluble with No Mixing Constraints

IPE Technology solubility Key to the adoption of Iperen IPE® is its user-friendly nature. Soluble in water without mixing restrictions, products featuring IPE® Technology seamlessly integrate into existing agricultural practices, offering growers a hassle-free solution to optimize crop nutrition.

In conclusion, Iperen IPE® Technology (water-soluble and liquid solutions) represents a new approach to crop nutrition management. Its proven efficacy in enhancing nutrient utilization efficiency, improving yield outcomes, and addressing soil-specific challenges highlights its potential. For growers seeking to maximize productivity while minimizing their footprint, the IPE® Technology is an essential tool to make conventional agriculture more sustainable.

For more information on the IPE® Technology, trials, and its impact on crop cultivation, contact us or download our brochure below:

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