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Phosphorus disorders in plants have an impact on their growth and crop performance. But how can growers better manage Phosphates input in plants? In this video, our Agronomist and Product Developer, Zahi Zind, presents our innovative IPE® Technology, for Increased Phosphate Efficiency.

Nowadays, many different factors make Phosphate nutrition a complex topic to manage. Here’s a quick guide to understanding why so:

  • Phosphate is known as a slow-moving nutrient in the soil
  • It is sensitive to soil fixation -in both Acidic and Alkaline soil conditions
  • It is one of the most expensive fertilizers due to its origin mining limited natural resources
  • Because of causing pollution in the ecosystem, governments are limiting the usage of Phosphorus

But can growers avoid Phosphorus as part of plant nutrition? The evidence is that Phosphorus is an essential element to ensure crops’ health and performance (rooting, flowering, energy needs, etc). Then what to do?

To overcome these limitations, Van Iperen International has developed IPE® Technology, an innovative product range that enhances the use of Phosphate and consequently, improves Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) of plants. Curious to see how IPE® Technology works? Watch the video now and discover how growers can tackle one of today’s agricultural needs.

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