Understanding the nutritional needs of your crops is crucial to ensuring their optimal growth and yield. At Van Iperen International, we recognize the importance of selecting the right NPK water-soluble fertilizer to meet these needs. That’s why we relaunch our latest booklet detailing our extensive range of water-soluble NPK formulas and their applications.

Cover Water-Soluble NPK booklet 2024

Plants experience different nutritional demands throughout their growth stages. As a producer of NPK water-soluble fertilizers, Van Iperen provides solutions that adapt to these dynamic crop requirements. Our booklet explains how different NPK ratios cater to these changing needs. For instance, nitrogen-rich formulas promote robust vegetative growth, essential for preparing plants for the next generative and productive phases. Meanwhile, potassium-enriched formulas enhance fruit quality, yield, and overall plant health by regulating water balance. Additionally, phosphorus-rich blends facilitate crucial functions like root development, flowering, and seed formation.

Van Iperen water-soluble NPK bags and biostimulants

On this note, our offer includes water-soluble NPK with IPE® Technology, an innovative product line designed to optimize phosphate and micronutrient utilization, thereby enhancing plant Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE). Made with premium raw materials, our fertilizers guarantee a complete nutrition range at every growth stage and condition.

Van Iperen water-soluble NPK and IPE Technology bags

You’ll find detailed information in our booklet, including formula compositions and dosing tables tailored to each crop type. Our range includes fast-acting solutions suitable for foliar applications, fertigation in open fields, and greenhouse cultivation.

Water-soluble NPK fertilizers

Due to their efficiency and versatility, water-soluble NPK fertilizers are pivotal in agriculture. Unlike granular fertilizers, which may require time to break down and release nutrients, water-soluble formulas provide an immediate nutrient boost to plants. This rapid absorption ensures that crops receive essential elements precisely when they need them most, promoting growth and development. Moreover, the soluble nature of these fertilizers minimizes nutrient waste, as they can be precisely applied close to the roots, minimizing runoff and leaching.

Getting ready for this season? With Van Iperen’s high-quality water-soluble NPK fertilizers, growers cover crops’ essential nutrition needs with tailored formulas for maximum growth and yield. Download our booklet now!

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