Van Iperen International’s circular fertilizer is recognized in the Innovation category. The announcement has been made as part of the upcoming GreenTech Amsterdam 2024 event, where the jury will convene on June 11 to determine the winners across various categories.

GreenSwitch SOP nominated for GreenTech Award 2024

At Van Iperen International, we have some good news to share! The soon-to-come GreenSwitch® Potassium Sulphate (SOP) has been nominated for the prestigious GreenTech Award 2024 in the category of Innovation. This nomination recognizes GreenSwitch® SOP’s contribution to sustainable agriculture and its innovative approach to fertilizer production.

“With its ability to boost crop yields, integrate seamlessly into existing farming systems, and drive sustainability, GreenSwitch® SOP exemplifies our commitment to make conventional agriculture more sustainable,” said Marc van Oers, our Director of Innovations. The winner of the GreenTech Award 2024 will be announced on June 11 as part of the three-day tradeshow at RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

GreenSwitch® SOP, a Pure Sustainable Water-Soluble SOP

GreenSwitch® SOP is a circular, pure, water-soluble Potassium Sulphate fertilizer, formulated through a unique fossil-free, low-energy process. Produced in collaboration with Cinis Fertilizer in Sweden, this innovative product represents a shift in the fertilizer industry.

Agriculture faces pressing sustainability challenges, including energy consumption and a high volume of emissions. GreenSwitch® SOP takes into consideration these challenges by cutting energy use and drastically reducing CO2 emissions. Moreover, by repurposing industrial waste from electric car batteries and the paper industry, GreenSwitch® Potassium Sulphate promotes a true circular economy, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing resource efficiency.

The innovative production method behind GreenSwitch® SOP sets it apart from traditional fertilizers. By utilizing upcycled materials, GreenSwitch® SOP not only enhances agricultural productivity but also ensures sustainability throughout the production process.

GreenSwitch® Original, winner of the GreenTech Innovation Award in 2021

This is not the first time one of our innovative products received recognition at GreenTech. In 2021, GreenSwitch® Original, our first liquid Nitrate fertilizer from an organic source, became the award winner of GreenTech 2021 in the category of Innovation. 

Having GreenSwitch® SOP nominated for the same award three years later endorses our commitment to continue innovating in the agricultural industry. Visit GreenSwitch® Potassium Sulphate for more information.

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