With an eventful year coming soon to an end, we sum up some of the highlights of 2022 and new projects seeing the light in 2023. Do not miss the special message that the Iperenizers want to share with you!

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Yet another year is drawing to a close. 2022 has been a year with many events of a different nature. Whether positive or negative, this is something we deal with together. But if we look back, we are truly grateful to have you in the Van Iperen family.

With commitment and dedication, Van Iperen International has gone through many challenges this year. We’ve achieved new milestones in the Green Switch Journey with the Crop Efficiency Enhancement Webinar and the Final Conference LIFE Plants for Plants® Project. Both events have unlocked a new chapter in the Plants for Plants® project with the commercialization in 2022 of our first plant-based biostimulants from cultivated crops.

Also, this year for the first time, growers have had the chance to try GreenSwitch® Original, the first sustainable Nitrate fertilizer with a negligible carbon footprint. Companies such as Beyond Chrysant, Bunnik Plants, or Hoogeveen Plants, have joined our GreenSwitch® Ambassadors program and included GreenSwitch® Original in their production process to grow sustainably. As frontrunners, they lead the transformation in the high-tech greenhouse sector.

But, the challenges for 2023 do not remain small. Research and innovation have led the way to GreenSwitch® Potassium, a fossil-free production process to transform recovered salts (waste) from the paper industry and car batteries into sustainable Potassium Sulfate (SOP) fertilizers. GreenSwitch® Potassium is the outcome of a new cross-sector partnership with Cinis Fertilizer. Stay tuned for updates in the upcoming months!

Despite all the promising news, we are not unconnected to reality. With the terrible war in Ukraine still unsolved, our thoughts are on the ordinary people in Ukraine that suffer the most.

Along with the geopolitical situation, product availability and the energy crisis are currently hitting all industries. All these circumstances make next year’s outlook pretty uncertain. However, it’s our firm commitment to making these factors the least impactful for you.

With 2023 around the corner, we are certain that a bright future full of new opportunities awaits us. On behalf of the Van Iperen family, we wish you happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year!