Are you an apple grower? Then this video might interest you! Find out the latest updates in apple cultivation thanks to Frank Eerland, Fruit Specialist Advisor at Van Iperen BV.

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One of the first signs of fall is the arrival of apples at the racks of our grocery stores. But before getting there, growers dedicate a lot of effort to growing this precious in-season fruit. To know more about apple cultivation, the latest innovations, and fertilization guidelines, Frank Eerland shares some insights in this video.

Despite a recent slight drop, the Dutch apple market is in good and stable health. The current situation has a lot to do with two factors: the climate in the Netherlands and the very large quantities of apples produced in Eastern Europe.

If we look at the total European market, we see that the Netherlands is becoming a smaller player in it. Nowadays, about half of the acreage is already grown in Poland. However, this does not alter the fact that we can grow apples very well in the Netherlands. In terms of production, for instance, we see that the Netherlands is leading the way in the number of kilos of apples per hectare.

But how do Dutch growers achieve such a top-quality yield? With our Agronomists’ help, you will learn how to feed your crop with customized nutrition programs for an optimal yield. For instance, here you can learn how to improve the quality of reserves in your orchard after harvest with our pure-seaweed solutions FoliaStim® Mn Zn, FoliaStim® B Mo, and Stim Pure Liquid.

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