Storage of fertilizers generates many doubts and headaches for growers. We can not ignore the fact that the efficiency of fertilizers is tightly linked to their good preservation and storage. Here are some tips to preserve and store fertilizers safely.

Not all growers are fully aware of the importance to preserve fertilizers correctly. To maintain the product’s quality and shelf life, Van Iperen International recommends storing fertilizers safely, taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • Before storing, ensure packaging is properly sealed without any damage
  • Store fertilizers in dry and cool places, away from direct UV rays exposure
  • Keep them away from heat and with a temperature between 5 and 30°C
  • Closed, well-ventilated, tidy, secure, and free-of-dust room
  • Keep fertilizers well separated from other chemical substances and flammable materials
  • For open products, close the bag securely, wrap in plastic or store it in its tightly sealed plastic container
  • Ensure good stock control based on the earliest expiring

Indoor fertilizer storage

Where possible, we strongly advise indoor fertilizer storage following these conditions:

  • Follow a strict policy of no smoking and no flames in the storage space
  • Use pallets or racks to avoid moisture off the ground
  • Pile up to a maximum of 3 bags high or 1,5 meters high
  • Keep storage space well-ventilated and equipped with smoke detectors

Outdoor fertilizer storage

Fertilizers can be stored outside, but growers must guarantee certain conditions such as:

  • Mark out the area of storage with fences and control the access
  • In the case of outdoor storage, try to find an area in the shadow to avoid direct sunlight
  • Pile up the fertilizers on an even and dry surface over pallets to avoid direct contact with water or ground and prevent damage from rubbing
  • Do not exceed a height of 3 pallets or 1,5 meters high
  • From the bottom and top, fully cover the fertilizers with light-colored plastic or waterproof canvas. Once covered, place pallets on top to gain stability
  • In cold weather, be extremely careful handling the stack outdoors. Ice blocks might be formed above the piles, so extreme the process
  • Check regularly the pile

At Van Iperen International, we only use packaging that has passed all quality standards. Our suppliers inspect the resistance and finishing of our packaging through a rigorous testing and quality process for durability and regulatory compliance.

We recommend keeping our fertilizers in their original bag or liquid container. By doing so, there will not be confusion regarding the product type, recommendations, or warnings.

With these tips, growers can store fertilizers safely over winter and summer and conserve them in good conditions without compromising their investment.