In this agrotraining video, the Agronomy Team of Van Iperen International presents all relevant aspects of WAKE-up® Liquid using a more in-depth agronomical perspective: its formulation, how it works, and how to use it.

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Iperen WAKE-up® Liquid is an innovative foliar solution developed to support growers in improving both Water Use Efficiency (WUE) and Crop Quality. But do you know the advantages of using WAKE-up® Liquid on your crop? Well, you’d better not miss this agrotraining video! Zahi Zind, Agronomist at the Van Iperen International, takes some time to talk about WAKE-up® Liquid and explain these concepts:

  • What Water Use Efficiency (WUE) is, and why is it crucial for the plant?
  • The link between hydric stress and Potassium
  • How does WAKE-up® Liquid work?
  • The key effect of Potassium Carboxylate
  • Recommendations: dosage and application

Would you like to learn more about WAKE-up® Liquid? Please, feel free to contact us! We can take the time to take a closer approach to what you are experiencing and find a solution together with our team.