Global trends in arable crops require high-quality production technology. Curated by our Agronomy Team, this article presents several foliar fertilization programs for arable crops based on our High Performing Solutions.

Nowadays, farmer practices are unthinkable without foliar fertilizers treatment or biostimulants. To maintain productive and resilient crop production systems, Van Iperen International offers an already proven portfolio of High Performing Solutions suitable for arable crops (cereals and canola).

Cereals (wheat, barley, etc)

Stim Pure and Stim Pure AA are part of our Algae Solutions, a range of seaweed-based products that improve plant nutritional health. Thanks to the properties of Ascophyllum Nodosum, cereals will be fully prepared to overcome future stress conditions. Additionally, a preventive application provides the conservation of yield potential. Recommended application as follows:

  • BBCH 41 – 49: Booting
  • Dosage: 1 – 2 l/ha (up to 2% concentration)

Next recommendation is Nitrofol Liquid 18 – 0 – 0 + 6(SO3) + Seaweed, a cereals protein booster. The suitable Nitrogen-Sulphur ratio boosts the protein formation in the grain, particularly when applied in the last part of the growing season. The Ascophyllum nodosum extract included in this solution acts as a biostimulant reducing and preventing stress effects on the cereals and, at the same time, ensuring a longer and more efficient nutrient uptake. Treatment and application as follows:

  • BBCH 51 – 59: Heading
  • Dosage: 40 – 50 % (10 – 15% concentration)


By following the right foliar fertilization program, growers can increase canola reapings and optimize the gross margin of their crops. To achieve a maximum yield, our Agronomists recommend FoliaStim® B Mo Liquid. This solution, containing 15% of seaweed extract, prevents the canola from suffering in stress conditions. Low mobility of trace elements will be accelerated, which gives an increased percentage of pollination, and improves oil contain and grain quality. Furthermore, the high level of Boron and Molybdenum in our formula corrects nutrient deficiencies and enhances cell division and cell wall formation. We recommend the following program:

  • BBCH 51 – 59: Inflorescence emergence
  • Dosage: 4 – 6 l/ha (up to 2% concentration)

As arable crops have slightly different nutritional requirements from other crops, Van Iperen International recommends tailored fertilizer programs to tackle specific needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!