The Plants for Plants® LIFE project goes on! And as proof of it, here are some pictures of the informative boards placed on the trial fields.

Some weeks ago, we prepared these panels to support our partners with communication about the P4P trials. With these boards, we want to promote a better understanding of the Plants for Plants® project among visitors.

For now, the Plants for Plants® boards arrived in Greece and Finland! By placing them right on the field, we can easily identify the places marked as demonstration trials.

In Finland, the solution LL002 is being tested on potato, barley, and sugarbeet crops. Special thanks to Mika Lehtinen, Petri Suutari, and Juha Wikström for the photos! 

From Orestiada (Greece), we’ve received these other photos. Agro Hellas has placed the boards on the cornfield, where LL002 is subject to testing on water use efficiency (WUE).

And finally, AGK IKE is currently testing LL004 on tomatoes in Greece.

Thanks to all growers for their commitment -we are one step closer to preliminary results in September!