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In our mission to spread the word about Plants for Plants®, we have been working on a new communication tool to introduce this new generation of Biostimulants for conventional and organic agriculture. Today, we are very excited to announce the launch of our Plants for Plants® introduction video!

Inspired by the primary concept of the project -let nature guide us-, this short movie explains the core idea behind the project and our innovative approach. For it, we’ve used simplistic language supported by images in line with the organic corporate identity of Plants for Plants®.

By simplifying concepts as Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency (WUE and NUE) and Crop Fortification Efficiency (CFE), we’ve made it easier to understand how P4P solutions work on crops to reach all kind of audience: Agribusiness actors, scientists, prescribers, growers, consumers.

Co-funded by the European Union’s LIFE Programme, Plants for Plants® aims to contribute environment and resource efficiency by creating new organic biostimulants suitable to reduce irrigation and chemical commodities at the same time than boosting crop production.

We encourage you to take a look at the video that showcases Plants for Plants® project and share it with all your partners. Click below to access the video on our Vimeo channel to view and share.