The transplantation phase, a key moment in a plant’s life cycle, now receives a boost with Stim Pure Liquid, our organic biostimulant derived from 100% seaweed. Designed to unleash vigorous root development, our seaweed-based biostimulant has the potential to revolutionize how growers approach crop establishment. With the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed at its core, Stim Pure Liquid enhances crop establishment and robust root growth.

Root growth on tomato plant with Stim Pure Liquid, Van Iperen's seaweed biostimulant

Unlocking the Power of Stim Pure Liquid

The strength of Stim Pure Liquid lies in its commitment to enhancing root growth – a fundamental factor in achieving robust crops. Derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, a seaweed species exposed to the challenges of fluctuating tides and high salinity, Stim Pure Liquid inherits its stress-resistant attributes. By harnessing the plant’s innate ability to thrive under adverse conditions, Van Iperen brings forth an organic biostimulant that enhances to amplify crops’ potential during periods of abiotic stress. This innovative approach aligns perfectly with the demands of modern agriculture, where resilience is crucial.

Seeing is Believing: Stim Pure Liquid in Action

Van Iperen has taken a stride beyond rhetoric by showcasing Stim Pure Liquid’s transformative impact through this video. Witnessing the biostimulant’s effect on tomato plants is a testament to its potential to amplify yields and enhance crop resilience. In this video, you can see Stim Pure Liquid’s remarkable effects, reinforcing its role as an essential tool in modern agriculture.

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Are you embarking on the transplantation phase? This critical phase is where a plant’s future takes root. Seeking to boost robust root growth and ensure thriving vegetable plant establishment will determine crop growth. As you can see in the video below, Stim Pure Liquid boosts root development on bean plants better than other common fertilizers.

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Empowering Organic Agriculture: EU Regulation Compliance

A unique aspect of Stim Pure Liquid is its composition – entirely derived from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed. The biostimulant’s action of the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed on root systems facilitates nutrient uptake, water absorption, and overall plant health. 

Its natural origin not only aligns with the demands of sustainable agriculture but also highlights Van Iperen’s commitment to providing growers with solutions rooted in nature. Compliant with European Regulation and Ecocert, it’s suitable for organic farming, resonating with conscious growers. 

Cultivating Confidence in Crop Establishment

As the agricultural industry faces mounting challenges, innovation becomes crucial. Stim Pure Liquid aims to boost root development and transform crop establishment and root growth dynamics, driving crops toward more resilient and fruitful yields. Van Iperen’s Stim Pure Liquid is not just a product; it’s proof of the potential of merging nature with cutting-edge science.