In January 2018 Van Iperen International opened its latest office, located in Miami Florida. In order to get our feet on American ground, we recruited a team of local specialists to provide this new market with the same level of personal service and technical support as we do elsewhere in the world. Working closely together with our distributors and growers, offering them more than just the right product.

Today, we have a team of 4 at your service in America, including myself, Philippe Artige as Director of Van Iperen America, Richard Morris in charge of North America, Eduardo Salazar in charge of Latin America and Ramon Molina in charge of Operations. We are supported by our experts in agronomy and marketing from Holland and France to offer you the right nutrition solutions adapted to your local conditions: from Canada to Argentina and everywhere in between.

Our broad range of top quality Specialties Fertilizers and innovative High Performing Solutions fits the needs of various large markets like the USA and Brazil, as well as fast growing markets in South and Central America.

Below some examples of solutions, successfully tested and proven worldwide which will meet American grower’s needs:

  • Our range of Water Soluble NPKs and Liquid products with Iperen IPE® Liquid for open field irrigated crops in Canada, the USA, Guatemala and Colombia. These solutions address Phosphate fixation in alkaline or acidic soils. Reducing input costs which allow growers to generate more revenue.
  • Our new highly concentrated liquid Iron HBED in the USA that provides an easy to use and fast crop response to Iron chlorosis deficiency in alkaline soils on various crops like almonds, citrus or strawberries.
  • Our Manganese DTPA in Brazil to prevent and correct any Manganese deficiency on soybean in any type of water.
  • Our Stim Pure AA Liquid that significantly increases quality and yield on banana plantations in Ecuador and Costa Rica thanks to a unique combination of seaweed extracts and Amino acids.
  • Our new WAKE-up® Liquid (A-WAKE® Liquid in the USA): the “Quality drink for your crop” in Peru, the USA and Brazil that contributes to increase the crop’s resistance to heat and drought and improves the quality and color of fruit and veggies.

These innovative products are supported by several years of trials and scientific evidence. They are now available in the Americas and used with success by more and more growers.

Don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated American team to know more and to test them in your fields. We will be proud to serve you.