Our factories of Water Soluble NPKs and Liquid fertilizers are amongst the largest within Europe. Combining the solutions from our factories with those from our strategic partners, we created a network of high quality products to offer you the widest range of high quality products.

European network of producers

Production plant

Together with our strategic production partners we offer a full range of Water Soluble straights. Consistent high quality guaranteed.

More about our network of Straights producers
Transterminal Dordrecht

Our sister company Transterminal Dordrecht (TTD) is one of the three largest WS NPKs production facilities in Europe.

More about our WS NPKs factory
Liquid fertilizer factory Euroliquids

Our sister company Euroliquids, produces a broad range of innovative liquid fertilizers for foliar and fertigation including the formulation with Biostimulants.

More about our liquid fertilizers factory
Chelated micronutrients factory

We work closely together with innovative producers of chelated micronutrients. A leading Specialty Fertilizer company that is well known for its range of patented products and production technologies.

More about our micronutrients producers

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