Following the latest events in Lebanon, we would like to share with all of you some updates about the massive explosion that hit Beirut some weeks ago.

As a quick answer to this awful event, Van Iperen International decided to give support to “Enfants de Lumière” (Children of Light). Since 2002, this Lebanese charitable association has focused on providing food and raising funds to help sustain underprivileged and impoverished Lebanese families.

Despite no longer having international attention, the situation in Beirut is still critical. In times of need and moved by our close relationship with the country, we’ve decided to take some action again and give full coverage to Ms. Ghada Sadek Abela, President of Enfants de Lumière. Ms. Ghada got in touch with us to share what’s the current situation in the city: “Many families living in the impacted areas are lacking food, water, and some of them, shelter. 190 out of the 300 registered families with Enfants de Lumière live in Beirut and its suburbs. We are in desperate need of support to be able to help all these families that we have been supporting during all these years, especially in these difficult times”.

This tragedy has added up even more pressure on a very delicate time. In words of Ms. Ghada, “the terrible economic situation that is hitting the country, the burden of poverty is affecting a larger number of families, who can at least find some solace through the support they receive from Enfants de Lumière. For this reason, Enfants de Lumière is in constant need of funds to help sustain these unprivileged families. We strongly rely on generous benefactors to support our cause”.

At Van Iperen International, we reiterate our solidarity and commitment to the victims. By giving an additional platform to Enfants de Lumière in the search for more support, we hope many families can find some relief in such difficult times.

In the name of all Van Iperen International family, our thoughts are with the Lebanese people.