Agronomical target

  • Biostimulation
  • NUE
  • Organic farming

Van Iperen Plants for Plants® 4-Good is part of the new generation of plant-based Biostimulants developed for a more sustainable agriculture.

Traditionally, biostimulants were often seen as a way to counter abiotic stress and stimulate plant performance despite adverse conditions. However, very few have so far targeted natural Oxidative Stress management as well. Oxidative stress is a natural and continuously occurring process in all living organisms that leads ultimately to cell degradation and death. 4-Good drastically reduces natural oxidative damage on the cells hence greatly preserving the yield potential whatever the crop condition, and that is a true innovation on the biostimulant scene.

Additionally, 4-Good enhances Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) of the crop by activating key genes in charge of nutrient transportation inside the plant. 4-Good has been developed for all crops in both comfort and stress conditions. Applied in foliar during the early stages of the crop cycle, 4-Good will improve the crop establishment ensuring a better nutrient uptake throughout the crop cycle, resulting in higher yields and crop quality.

  • Fully controlled process from plant material to final product
  • Inducing reduction of natural oxidative stress phenomena
  • Enhancing NUE, ensuring higher yield and crop quality
  • Suitable for organic farming in compliance with European Regulation (EU) 2018/848
  • Safe for users, consumer and for the environment
  • Developed for foliar application


  • 100% natural, dark red liquid
  • Patented production process
  • Keep as cold as possible, below 25 °C as maximum, and away from direct sunlight

Foliar Application

Mode of action

Genomic and metabolomic methods have identified a clear mode of action for 4-Good. On one hand, 4-Good improves Phosphate assimilation thanks to an up-regulation of PHT2;1 gene, a chloroplastic Phosphate transporter, and on the other, we measured significantly fewer cell-damaging oxidative components, keeping the plant healthy despite natural oxidative phenomena, safeguarding the optimal performance and potential of the crop.

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In case of foliar feeding as part of a mix with crop protection products or other fertilizers, a compatibility test has to be done prior to preparing the spray-mix.

Fertilizing Knowledge

Mode of Action (MOA)

10 years of scientific research have made it possible to describe the specific mode of action of the Plants for Plants® products.

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