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Van Iperen offers a wide range of high quality Iron EDDHA chelates with various ortho-ortho percentages adapted to your local needs. All products are highly pure, dust free and fully soluble. Van Iperen Oligo Standard Iron-EDDHA 6% contains 3.5% Fe-EDDHA in ortho-ortho position which is the strongest and most stable form of the chelate.

  • Gives a strong apical zone, free of chlorosis
  • Iron 100% chelated and fully available up to a pH of 9
  • Developed for fertigation in open field and greenhouses. Also suitable for soil injection


  • Dust free
  • Free of Ammonium
  • Dark brown microgranules
  • Easy to handle, fully soluble
  • Always pre-dissolve at 50 grams per liter before use. In any case do not exceed 60 grams per liter.



It is possible to apply a lower dose than recommended in case of low risk of deficiency or to avoid an expected potential slight deficiency.

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Compatible with other fertilizers. The pH of the tank solution should be above 4.

Fertilizing Knowledge

How to choose an Iron chelate?

There are many options to add Iron to your crop. The most efficient way is chelated Iron for its stability, availability for the plant and its easiness to use. But choosing among the different solutions can be a challenge. How to choose? We can help you!

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