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Van Iperen Oligo Iron-DTPA 7% is a pure an highly concentrated liquid Iron fertilizer. Iron DTPA is adviced for hydroponics. Our product is a stable, translucent solution and is recommended at different phenological stages. The high level of Iron in our formula improves the production of chlorophyll.

  • Gives a strong apical zone, free of chlorosis
  • Iron 100% chelated and fully available up to a pH of 7
  • Developed for soilless grown crops
  • Recommended in case of recycled water with UV-sterilization


  • Rapidly dissolvable
  • Free of Ammonium
  • Patented micro granulation process
  • Raspberry shaped, light brown microgranules
  • Easy to handle, dissolve and apply


In 1.000 l stock solution Fe in g Fe in mmol
0.1 kg 7 0.13
0.5 kg 35 0.63
1.0 kg 70 1.25
1.5 kg 105 1.88

Other dosage Instruction

For foliar application you can choose between EDTA and IDHA. EDTA can also be used for open field fertigation in case of soils up to a pH of 6. For open field fertigation in alkaline soils you can choose between EDDHA and HBED. For high-tech soilless greenhouse, DTPA is your best choice.

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Compatible with other fertilizers. The pH of the tank solution should be above 4.