With so many players in the field, how can you distinguish yourself from the competition? Naturally, you have to consistently deliver a high quality product, but that goes without saying. Factors such as flexibility, packaging and other innovative solutions can really make the difference. What does Van Iperen International offer you?

Innovative coloring
True to the Dutch innovative character, Van Iperen International offers you the opportunity to customize your Water Soluble NPKs beyond the package that it comes in: you can choose to color the product itself. As our customer, you can choose from a wide range of colors that will make you stand out in the market and help you build a strong brand identity. Unique feature: both the product and the solution can be provided with an intense and consistent coloring.

Our approach: pick your own color!
You can choose from nine innovative colors: three Iperen Standard colors and six Iperen Creation colors. The Standards come in Tomato Red, Cucumber Green and Delphinium Blue and can be ordered in any quantity. The Creations include Dutch Orange, Lemon Yellow, Apple Light Green, Grape Deep Blue, Aubergine Purple and Gerbera Pink. For these colors you can contact your local Van Iperen Sales Manager.

Produced and colored at our sister company TTD
The production, blending, packaging and coloring all takes place at our sister company Trans Terminal Dordrecht (TTD). With 40.000m², 250 MT a day and 1.200 bags per hour TTD is one of the three largest WS NPK production facilities in Europe. The entire blending and packaging facility is acclimatized. Not only all conveyors are covered and conditioned, but also the floors are equipped with floor-heating. This ensures a dry product with limited caking sensitivity, so we can guarantee you a high quality end product. TTD has over 25 years of experience and is conveniently located near the port of Rotterdam, so wherever in the world you may be, we deliver.

Interested to try our colors?
Are you interested to try our innovative colors? You are more than welcome! We can provide you with a Color Sample Kit to experience our color range. This Kit includes all nine colors and one non-colored sample as a comparison.

Contact your local Sales Manager and get your Color Sample Kit today!

PS: Did you know that we offer a lot more innovative solutions like our Iperen IPE® Technology?