In Cognac, there are many winegrowers like Michael Pascaud who tirelessly give the best of themselves over the seasons to achieve the best possible quality in their production. But often the differences are made through small changes.

Michael Pascaud cultivates 70 Ha and tried Epsilon 3% Emulsion in the spring of 2021 on a 3.4 Ha plot of vineyards, on which the Ugni Blanc grape variety was planted in 2007, on a 233EM rootstock in chlorosis-prone soil.

Recognized by Michael Pascaud, viticulturist in France

“I could not use Iron EDDHA on the soil (for this I would have needed additional equipment for the application and a much bigger investment). In 2021, I tried Epsilon for the first time on a chlorotic plot, with the advantage of applying it to the weeding boom, since this product can be applied to the surface, unlike iron EDDHA. I applied 20l/Ha of Epsilon in a mixture of 500L/Ha sprayed onto the soil of the row (just before it rained).

Given the convincing results of Epsilon, with green foliage maintained all summer and exceptional yields of more than 35%, I treated my entire 70 Ha vineyard. I am taking a step towards achieving higher profits!”.

Iron deficiency chlorosis of vineyard

Iron deficiency chlorosis can be restrictive for winegrowers: most often they try to counter the effects with products that do not require the use of heavy equipment and pass the iron to the leaves. However, this approach is only effective temporarily. At Etablissements Subin, we are always looking for innovative solutions to make life easier for winegrowers. Find out why iron (Fe) is an essential trace element for plants.